Unfortunately, every week, we have customers lose all — 100% — of their data.  This means all their family photos, documents, financial data, customer lists, presentations, address books, spreadsheets — EVERYTHING!  Sometimes we can get it back easily, and sometimes we have to go to a more expensive DATA RECOVERY option.

Mozy or Carbonite?

If you are just looking to back up a few documents, or share some files between friends, Mozy Backup may be a better solution because it is free for up to 2GB of storage. If you are looking for more space, and more configuration options, we recommend Carbonite. For business users we recommend Carbonite due to their superior tech support.  You can’t call Mozy unless you have their paid service.

“My 100,000 pictures are what is making me make the change from Mozy. So, that is just $5 / month. I like Carbonite better because you can actually call tech support.” — Onsite Client

Carbonite has always been the leader in offsite backup. Carbonite is a full backup solution that compares to Mozy Backup, but is better for large backups or corporate customers. Although Carbonite costs more than Mozy backup, you get great customer service, and more features.

How Do I Use Carbonite?

  1. For one computer, purchase the lowest plan which is $65/year for home users https://www.carbonite.com/ (click “For Home” on this page)
  2. Install the program on your computer
  3. Tell Carbonite to backup to two places, one at your home or office, and the other off-site for disaster recovery
  4. You can allow Onsite Consulting to monitor your backup schedule, we do not see any data, only whether it is being backed up
  5. Any questions? Call Carbonite tech support 877-334-7603