Scott: Our founder, the Big Boss himself. Scott has been hard at work for over 30 years helping the Denver community with computer issues, and selling budget-friendly, high performance computers and equipment.

James: James is the office manager and Triage Technician here at Onsite. Being a technician himself, he doesn’t only schedule appointments for clients, he often assists them too! James is familiar with all sorts of issues, and will often be able to “patch you up” so you can still be in business to some degree while waiting for a proper appointment with a technician.

Paul: Paul is our senior in-shop technician. If you check in your computer for a physical issue or a transfer, it is likely Paul is the main technician that would be working on it. The amount of diverse issues that he’s seen and has been able to solve is staggering, and he is highly committed to continuing the quick 48-hour turnaround window that we pride ourselves on.

Mike: Mikey is our senior refurbishment specialist, as well as an expert on mobile devices. Many of our refurb computers are fixed up or even rebuilt completely by him. He is also an expert on mobile devices, so physical issues with phones, iPads, etc. can usually be fixed by him.

Beck: Our Cybersecurity & Software expert Beck has a variety of different jobs at the office. His customer service skills have been highly refined over the years and he is an excellent communicator, especially when it comes to “translating” technical jargon to something more understandable. Because of this, he is most often helping clients remotely, at their house, or in the shop. In addition, Beck is well-versed in fixing printer issues and Cybersecurity concerns like email hacking.

Robert: Robert is our senior remote technician and priority service manager. He heads our east coast branch from Virginia. We are partnered with different companies so we can provide more services, like ESET antivirus or Carbonite. Robert oversees the onboarding, maintenance, and renewal of these services, as well as assisting our managed care customers with various concerns. He has literal decades of experience with all sorts of issues, and is particularly adept at solving complications in data transfer processes as well as network & firewall issues. Like our other senior technicians, he also serves our business customers and helps with their often more challenging issues.

Bill: Bill is our senior network technician and business technician. We serve many large business clients, and as such we understand that business needs are often priority one. A residential network going down is problematic, sure, but when businesses have major issues like that it could result in a loss of thousands of dollars, maybe more. That’s where Bill comes in! Like Robert, Bill both has decades of experience and is especially good with network setup and maintenance. He’s always willing to stick to an issue until it’s resolved, even if it takes all day! He is based out of New Mexico.

Travis: Travis is also a senior technician. He has been with us the longest out of any tech! Based in Florida, Travis assists clients and us in the shop remotely every day. Like our other senior technicians, he has decades of experience. Of course, all of our techs can solve a diverse array of issues, but Travis has shown he is particularly well-equipped to handle email and web hosting issues, as well as higher-level issues that arise with business clientele.

Ethan: Ethan is yet another of our senior technicians! Although he has moved from Denver, he is helping new clients from his new home in the Eastern Orlando area. Like Mikey, he has experience with mobile devices especially and will be able to repair them as long as he has the appropriate part. Like Beck, he has incredible customer service skills, and is always willing to help with a smile on his face, no matter how bad the issue may seem!

Chris: Chris is a web designer and cybersecurity consultant in Vero Beach, Florida. He loves working on anything with 1’s and 0’s!