30 years of business in computer repair has left us with plenty of certifications in software, hardware, and networking. We are certified by companies like Microsoft, and CompTIA.

Computer Repair

Our technicians are qualified to work on Mac and PC computers, iPhones, iPads, and Apple TV. We hold certifications from multiple companies including Microsoft and CompTIA that say we are certified to repair computers. The A+ certification shows mastery of computer hardware and software. We are also MCSE, a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, meaning we are certified to repair Windows and other Microsoft products.

Network Setup and Repair

There are certifications specifically for networks. Our techs are certified to setup home and corporate networks using firewalls and routers to protect you from outside threats. We can fix your home wifi or secure your corporation from common security threats.


Our techs have the skills to work with software like Microsoft Office, HP Client Security, and Mac OSX. We offer a full range of Microsoft and Mac services.


We pride ourselves on our ability to work with people. We have the communication skills required to make your project or solution come to life. Our policies and procedures have been certified by HIPAA by the Department of Health and Human Services! Our employees Scott and Bill are also members of the National Mensa Society.


Longevity and 35+ Years of Experience has no comparison in Denver.

Neither can Winning the 2008 Business of the Year Award.

And here’s some more abbreviations and acronyms to impress you!

Both Scott and Bill have been active members of the National Mensa Society.  This is also called the “High IQ” Society for people who score in the top 2% on IQ tests (or, they guessed really, really well ! )


Shows mastery of computer maintenance, networking, installation, troubleshooting and communication.




Shows mastery of managing, maintaining, troubleshooting, operating and configuring network infrastructure.


The Department of Health and Human Services requires covered entities to perform a periodic technical and nontechnical evaluation that establishes the extent to which an entity’s security policies and procedures meet the security requirements.  We are HIPAA Certified !


Certification in designing, installing, implementing, troubleshooting and administering infrastructures for businesses using Windows Server Systems.

 Certification for a skill set of job roles such s systems administrator, network administrator, information systems administrator, network operations analysts, network technicians, and technical support specialist.


The premier Microsoft desktop certification recognized as a standard for desktop computing.



Apple experience and certified to help with Mac’s, iPads, iPhones, iTouch, AppleTV, and more.



Certification for convergence technologies for integrating data, voice, and video.