The average life of a computer is 5-7 years.  So with that in mind, you will likely get a new computer about 10 times in your lifetime!

Most people have 20 or more different programs that they use which also need to be reinstalled.  Each of those has to be set up individually, some require registration, some you have to find CDs from years ago.

We’ve written a program that can not only move your precious data (documents, spreadsheets, photos, music, folders, Outlook Emails and bookmarks), but also all programs, settings, saved passwords, and registration information.

This is revolutionary.   Ask other companies if they have ever heard of a transfer like this.  It takes the cost and frustration drastically down from normal transfers.

First, we will have you fill in this form with all the information we need to complete the transfer as well as what programs you need to be transferred.  Yellow Transfer sheet for Customer

If the old computer doesn’t start up, we will have to pull the hard drive and make sure it is working before the transfer, which may take another day.

Typically, we will have you all transferred and ready to go within 2 business days!  Although we are happy to do so if you’d prefer, it’s not required to have a technician come to install your new computer.  Most of our customers feel comfortable picking it up and installing it themselves!

No need for an appointment.  Just bring by both your old and new computers, account passwords, and complete this sheet before or after you arrive.  We’ll take care of the rest!