Just 4 years ago, we started purchasing computers from government offices and schools, replaced their drives with brand new high-speed solid state drives (SSDs) and added a 1-year warranty.

We’ve helped people with over 2,000 desktops and laptops in just that short period of time.


We were even picked up by the Washington Post in April, 2022!

“Scott Henke of Onsite Consulting in Denver says to consider reputable, local companies with bricks-and-mortar storefronts. “These are places you can come back to if something goes wrong, and you know they will refund your money if you’re not satisfied,” says Henke, whose business has refurbished and sold more than 2,100 computers in the past three years…”


You can click here to browse our selection at http://www.pcs4seniors.com.  Since we sell computers every day, each of these computers may not be there.  So, please do NOT order from this website, but come in personally to pick one out.


These are all loaded with their respective operating systems, Windows & Macintosh, all necessary updates & fixes, as well as Chrome and other basic utilities. If you don’t need any data transferred, you can walk out of our store with a computer that is ready to go! No more hours of confusing setup. Many people need their programs, files, settings, shortcuts, passwords, printers, and wi-fi networks moved as well. We are the ONLY company who has 2 methods to transfer all these items smoothly from and old to new computer.

To learn more on our transfer process, visit our Unequaled Migration page under the services tab or click this link: https://www.onsitedenver.com/unequaled-migration/