The average life of a hard drive is 5-7 years for home computers, and 3-5 for business computers which are usually left on continually. (If you don’t use your computer that often, consider turning it off instead of putting it to sleep to get the most out of this timeframe)


However, you don’t have to replace the ENTIRE computer.  You can just replace the hard drive.


Most drives are slow spinning drives.   We can replace your drive with a high-speed Solid State Drive (SSD) which has no moving parts and has your computer run 6 to 8x faster!


First, we have to find out how much data you currently have on your computer.  The majority of people have less than 250 GB of data.  You can find this by going to your computer and looking at what is used on the main drive, usually titled the C: drive.


Then, we would move all your photos, files, passwords, settings, printers, wi-fi – everything over to the new drive (This costs $140).   Then, we put it on a new high speed drive:


  • 240 GB Drive $80
  • 480 GB Drive $140
  • 1 TB Drive $190


No need for an appointment.   Just come on by.


We beat all our competitors who take 4 weeks to do this.  Our goal is 2 business days, and we meet or exceed that 95% of the time!