RecycleWe are a drop-off location for an electronics recycling company. Households, small businesses, schools & school districts, small governments, special purpose districts, and charities can recycle electronic products free of charge in this program. Society benefits by keeping harmful chemicals out of landfills, like Mercury and Lead.  The equipment goes to recycling centers who harvest the small amounts of gold, platinum and silver from the circuit boards.  Disposing of electronic equipment in the trash is illegal in Colorado as of July 1, 2013, in accordance with Colorado’s Electronic Recycling Jobs Act.

What can be recycled?

Anything with a circuitboard is considered electronic waste, and we can help you recycle it!

  • Computers
  • LCD and CRT Monitors
  • VCR and DVD players
  • Cell Phones
  • Digital Clocks
  • Cables

Note:  Onsite cannot take older TVs and large Tube Monitors due to them containing hazardous gases. They may be taken to Best Buy, but expect at least $50 to recycle them!

Denver Recycling

recycle_1Denver Recycling also has days where you can drop off old computers and TVs for free. These events are only held a few times a year, but are helpful because they are also free.

Hard Drives and Data

Hard drives from recycled computers are wiped clean by an affiliate of ours, a Colorado Certified company, so any data is inaccessible by anyone at no charge. Onsite Consulting also offers a hard drive wiping service if you prefer to use us. We wipe the data on the hard drive 7 times over and physically alter the disks to be unusable to be extra certain, for just $20. Our standards for wiping hard drives meet the Department of Defense specifications for secure erasure.