It is critical to have an antivirus running on any PC. The cost of the antivirus is a better investment than 90% chance that you will have to pay for a $120-$150 virus removal.

ESET is still our recommended Antivirus because it has a very low lag on your system, and is rated above 99.8% effective.  It’s one of the programs we use on our customers’ computers when customers brought in for virus removal.
We bought a new corporate ESET system which allows us to actually offer more than 1 year at a time for a discount.  So, we can install a 2- or 3-year license if you don’t want to call every year.  Click here if you want their latest price list.

It also allows us to remotely monitor if the ESET is running and updating properly.  Monitoring your ESET updates and operation is free too.

We have to remote in and remove the Retail ESET and install the Corporate ESET.  So, just call the office and set a time for us to help.

Renewals can be done easily WITHOUT having to remote in at all; once it is installed, we can renew it from our side.

Here are your ESET Renewal options:

  • 1-Year from Microcenter: $50 (no monitoring from Onsite)
  • 1-Year renewal of Corporate Version and Monitoring from Onsite ($30)

  • 2-Year renewal $55 ($27.50 per year)
  • 3-Year renewal $75 ($25.00 per year)
  • 4-Year renewal $90 ($22.50 per year)
  • 5-Year renewal $110 ($22 per year)


All licenses are transferable from one computer to another.  So, if you got a new computer (whether it be Windows or Mac), you do not have to pay again for ESET.

For multiple computers you can change the quantity on each invoice, or call us for us to order and renew manually for you.


If you have any questions about ESET or Managed Care 24/7 monitoring and protection, call Paul, our Concierge, at 720-606-0590.