We love our customers!  They express themselves with cards, emails, and gifts!

Below are some that have emailed us, and here are other unbiased sites and reviews on Google and Yelp

We are one of the ONLY computer companies in Denver with a 5-Star Yelp rating!

“Hi All, I don’t usually do this, but I HIGHLY recommend this computer consultant.  He spent extra time here making sure the kids were safe on the computer and that all networking problems were solved.  He educated us on what was really needed and the rest you can do without.  This guy does everything and fast.  He’s honest and very reasonably priced.  (referred from Tom Martino and gives free advice!?)  The retired principal from West Middle School gave me his name after lots of research and attending a seminar of his… Trust me…this guy’s a keeper.”
Debbie S, Cherry Hills Village

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I hope my PC breaks again soon, so I can call you guys back out and fix it and teach me more things!”
Kathleen B.

Robert help me out with a problem that the company IT guy couldn’t seem to solve. With OnSite’s ability to remotely access my computer Robert solve the problem in 10 minutes without me having to bring it in and be offline for hours. You guys are great! Keep up the good work.
Roger E.

I want to thank you so, so much for being there for me when I needed it. I’m so glad I can count on you, so glad people like you reside on Earth.
Adrienne, older adult going back to college

“Scott is the most reliable, conscientious IT support person I have met in Denver.”
David J., President, Aspire Marketing

Just wanted to thank you and Sondra for your excellence in service and patience with me.  I thought it was extraordinary for you to come to the house yesterday.  And, Sondra is a super accommodating lady, too.  You guys get a 15 on a scale of 10.  Thanks again.
Jo, Retired

“Travis did a very thorough, professional job and is very pleasant to work with.”
Sue W., Librarian

You had some of the highest marks on our evaluations for ANY class taught to our Realtors last year!  We’d love to have you teach again!
Jeff B., Denver Board of Realtors

“I think Travis helped a lot to get me going again. Not only does he speak fluent “Mac”, he is pretty good at “little old lady” as well! A bilingual employee!”
Sandi C., Retired Teacher

“Scott is the most patient person I know when it comes to dealing with computer issues. He enjoys the mystery to solved, and will not quit until he has it figured out. He has a personal concern for every client, and treats even small jobs as if the resolution is as vital to him as to the client. He would be my first phone call if I ever needed anything technology-related. He and his team can accomplish anything.”
Catherine W., Client since 1995

“Travis . . . is the BEST! Thanks for sending him along! He ROCKS!!!”
Sheila K, Ken Caryl Valley

“Just a quick note of thanks.  Jack was excellent, a gentleman and expert at his work.  Your organization is efficient, well dressed by the way, and easy to work with.  You have made my business run so much better because I do not have to worry if something goes nutty with my like/hate relationship with my computer.”
Gail at the Denver Merchandise Mart

“I will be eternally grateful to you for your help this summer.  You were there when we needed you, and I know you will be there if I need you again.  In the meantime, I will sure recommend you to anyone who needs help!”
Virginia J, Denver

“Thanks for all your help, Henke!  You’re the best computer guy we could ask for!”

Veronica M. at a Doctors Office

“Thank you Sooooo much for your email about Scott Henke.  He came yesterday and worked on my computer.  Finally, he said it was such a mess, that he’d need to take it home and wipe it clean and start over.  He just brought it back and it’s working fabulously and he’s a great guy!   His name came at exactly the right moment for me!”

Lorianne in Centennial

“Thanks so much for spending all that time with me yesterday.  It gave me confidence that I had done everything right … I’ll be spreading the word about how great your company is.”

LeAnna, Denver Nurse

“You were an INCREDIBLE help at a critical time of need!!  Thank you for your hours of devotion and expertise.  I am certain Greg’s presentation went well because of your skill and efforts.”

Greg & Gail in Castle Pines

Appreciated the INSTANT service!

Elna M.

“Thanks much.  And you’re no GEEK. Just right!”

Kathi in Aurora

“Thanks Henke.  You’re a GENIUS!”

Doctors Office

“Thank you SO much for all of your help today!  I really appreciate your time and your know how.”

Debi, Denver Yoga Instructor

“Thanks for your help with my dad’s computer and for all your patience!”

Wendie in Lakewood

“I am glad my computer has been fixed.  Very pleased indeed.  Scott is a big help and I would like to recommend his skills to anyone who needs his help.”

Lee & JoJo the cat, in Denver

“Thank you so much, Scott…once again, you are my computer hero! I always trust your judgement!! :)”

Maureen at Dentists Office

“Travis was great to work with – seems very knowledgeable and has good customer contact skills.  By the way that new computer is excellent!  Great recommendation!”

Greg T., Consultant

“If it wasn’t for you and this computer, I never would have survived Winter!”

Shirley S. (70+?) in Aurora

I wanted to sing Travis’ praises – he was very likeable, personable, and very helpful; explained things so clearly and well; I enjoyed working with him very much!

Shelly H.

“I love that I am learning new ways and new technologies to do the things I have done for years, yet more efficiently and professionally.”

Cornelia V. (85+ years old)

“My computer runs much better and faster since the tune up and the added memory. I should have done the tune-up months ago.”

Marlene G. of Littleton

“Thanks for your help!  Your prompt assistance is a real comfort and a great service!”

Chuck K, Denver Attorney

“Thank you so much. It’s hard to express the level of panic when something so vital malfunctions and you don’t know what is going on. . . . I can’t thank you enough for your help and advice.” Chip A

“Mike did a great job today.  He works fast and is instructive in a plain language way.”

Chris P., Small Business Owner

“Thank you again.  I tell you this all of the time, but you are the best!  You all always save me when I find I’m in trouble.  I pass your information for Onsite Consulting along all of the time.”

Judy T.

“Such a good person I can hardly believe.  You said you would get here Tuesday and you did — after a strenuous weekend and a long day.  Cynthia hated to call you the next morning, but there you were and willing to work with her.  She was so grateful…  I appreciate your gift more than I can hardly express.”

Virginia J, Denver

“I went through the entire Tom Martino Troubleshooter Page of computer consultants, and you were the only one where I spoke with a real person and answers his own phone!”

Kelly P.

“I really like Mike —very nice guy-and on time— we are not used to that from our salon vendors!!!”

Lisa S., Salon Owner

“Thank you for your great presentation at Summer Conference. The Cattlewomen found your presentation the most valuable of the entire convention! I’m thrilled. You may have to come back!”

American Nat’l Cattlewomens Association

“I wanted to compliment you and Travis . . . Thanks so much for advice, guidance, and completion of the task!   Thank you and my compliments!”

Rabbi B.

“I just wanted to let you know that J.R. was great.  It is nice to meet intelligent and communicative people such as J.R. that are actually instructors.  I just thought I should pass it along that it IS noticed and appreciated.”

Gina C.

“Travis Did His Usual Fine Job — And Cured My Situations Very Promptly.  I Am Sure Glad He Is Available To Help When Needed.  My 79 Year Old Mind Is Not Quite As Efficient As It Was 10 Years Ago.  Cheers!”

Jack C.

“Travis did an excellent job and the system is working much better! He’s a good guy and has an awesome attitude.”

Dan K., Small Business Owner

“We just so appreciate the time you and Mike spent with us.  You stayed on the phone with me at no charge on a Saturday and NEVER mentioned wanting to bill for your time.  Mike spent more than three hours the first day, then took the computer with him.  Then, came back for free when your monitor quit working!  You will be our “computer company” from now on!”

Deb & Aaron, Foxfield

“Thank you, Scott!  I don’t know what I would have done without the loaner computer and your help!”

Ellen R., Denver Art Museum

“Thanks for the prompt courteous service on my computer, especially on the week end. Travis is a pleasant knowledgeable technician. I really appreciate his service.”

Duane G, Heather Gardens

“Thanks for helping us decrease the craziness technological change brings!”

Terry & Lindy

“Thank you so much for being so prompt at responding to my cry of anguish.  I cannot believe I lived my whole life without a computer and now I cannot live my life without a computer!  Travis was great!  and Scott, well, you’re just the best!  Thanks again!”

Diane A, Retired Teacher

Thank you so much for being such a wonderful friend. You know I think the world of you but you have to begin charging me for what you are doing for me.

Suzanne J, 80 yr old Art Collector

Thank you so much for all of your courtesy, effort, and concern.  I do sincerely appreciate your generosity and consideration regarding the pricing. I have already referred two clients to you, and will definitely continue to do so.  Most of my friends are not able to manage their own computers and know about as little as I do, so people are always asking if I know a good computer consultant.

Travis was so patient with me today.

Bede E., Travel Agent

Just want to be sure that I made my message yesterday “loud and clear” about how much I appreciate your efforts on my behalf.  Your pricing was very generous, especially since I do realize how much time and effort you devoted to helping me.  And, it was greatly appreciated since I am not reimbursed for any of my expenses.

Your efforts were “above and beyond” and the mark of a true professional.

Bede E., Travel Agent, a day later

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you getting my laptop up and running again so quickly. I means a TON to me that you are my “techie wizard” and always so available and so willing to help me out. It is no wonder that you are so busy and successful!

Diane E, RE/MAX

The quality of your service and the speed of your response are amazing!

Diana L., Philanthropist

“Thank you so much for all your work.  You both gave 150%.  We sure appreciate it!”

A & R Oil Well Company

Again, thank you so much for your time and efforts in restoring our computer to warp speed!!!!!  Love it and love the fact we actually have someone to talk to now if we have a problem.


My advice:  You should consider increasing your rates somewhat.

Steve S, HOA Manager

“You guys do good work.”

Robert P, Attorney

Congrats on your Cherry Creek Chamber award –

it is well deserved.

Chris K, Clarion Mortgage

Emily is just a jewel!  I’m so pleased with the work she did. I’m going to hand out the business cards to friends & clients.

Vi, Owner of Hair Stucio

Thank you for donating 6 desktops and laptop to Rev. Noah Sabanda in Zimbabwe.  He has taken in 16 AIDS orphans in addition to his own family and is providing for their education.  These computers greatly facilitate that, especially since several in the house are in college.

Blake B, Director of Church Development, Kigali, Rwanda

Emily was very pleasant and knowledgeable and most of all, patient with me and my computer!

Lynn W, Happy Stay-at-home Mom

Thanks for all you do though, Scott! You’re great!

Peggy H., St. Andrews Retirement Home

Thank goodness for your business – – – we all are so grateful for experts!

Ellen G, Therapist

Congratulations on your 2008 Business Award that you so much deserve! Your service to God comes first and He rewards those who are faithful. Thanks so much for all you do to help me as well as all your customers keep up on the latest for our computers.

Lena G., Retired

Thanks, Scott.  I appreciate the fact that I can ask you stupid questions and you don’t make me feel stupid.  Your classes sure made me smarter, but I do have a ways to go. :o)

Margo R, Retired

Emily was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

Bradley J, Denver

Thanks to Emily for a job well done!

Duane G, Retired

I know you both are very busy and I’m so sorry that last week and this week has been a little crazy with having to call you so much.  I do appreciate the work you do for us.

Oh BTW, give Sondra a raise…….  she is always so helpful and sweet when I call. :))

Janiece M, Hair Science Center

Business of the Year, way to go Scott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dennis B., Canyon Club HOA

Congratulations, Scott, for the honor of having your business named 2008 Business of the Year.  An honor well deserved.

Diana L., Philanthopist

OMG you guys CONGRATULATIONS!! I have known for years that you were “business of the year” it’s about time others knew it too !!!

Krista K., Homemaker

Congratulations, Scott—Best Of awards are not given easily.  Your service and your professionalism helped catapult you to this honor.

Elly V., Business Consultant

Congratulations on being chosen as the Cherry Creek Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year!  I’m not surprised but I am thrilled for you.  You certainly have done a great job for me. I appreciate so much that you and your staff attend to my requests in such a  timely and helpful manner, many times without a charge.  You’re the best!

Julie P., Realtor

As usual, your news releases are useful and essential.  Keep up the good work.  There is a Special Place in Etherworld Heaven for you.

Steve S, Pelican Pointe HOA Manager

Mitch came out last Friday (during snowstorm) and was great!  We really liked him.  Our computer is faster and I understand the basics of my e-mail account much better now.  Your company has truly become a “resource” for us.  Thank you so much.

Brenda A, Heather Gardens

Thanks so much — you guys are wonderful — you’re right, Travis is INCREDIBLE, and patient with me!

Sue S, Mom

Hey Scott. Just wanted to thank you for getting hooked up with Mozy a while back.   Yesterday I was downloading from my camera and wiped out all “my pictures” on the computer. Luckily, Mozy had backed up just an hour ago and so I went there and got everything back.  Whew!!  Thank You!!

James P., www.thepathlighter.com

You have a great business and you have helped us often!!  I have and will continue to recommend you to friends/family.

Diana Z., Mom

You are the BEST!

Lucia, Inter-American Trading Company

I did recommend your service to Dorothy last week. She did have one of your people come by and told me it was the best money she ever spent. I agree with her.

Jean T., Retired

I am very inpressed with you and your Company, and thanks for the free help you have given me.  I will certainly recommend you to any of my friends!!!

Don P, 7 Everyday Hero

You and your team/staff certainly deserve this award.  It is a pleasure working with you – your customer service standard and level of support is excellent.

JoKatherine H-P, Univ of Denver

Congratulations on your award!  We do refer everyone to you.  We’re lucky and glad to have been helped by you for many years.

Mary S, Pediatrician’s Office Manager

Thank you very much. You’ve got a great team. You’re the best!

Mariette B., H & R Block

Thank you for all your hard work and patience!  I had an amazing experience, even though my computer was a total pain!

Milena, Arvada

Just wanted to tell you that I think Emily is an asset to your business, and I give her top top drawer recommendation – she’s sharp in just so many ways and I think she knows her stuff, etc. etc., etc. It was just a nice visit and I think she is an absolute asset to you, and I decided to let you know about that.
Nancy H., Retired
Whenever you trust and receive good service, such as I have, it is very easy to refer clients!

Don D., retired

Emily set up my computer, for which I’m very grateful. She showed me exotic things I can do with my computer, such as set up folders. Wow!

Sandra D, retired

Thanks to Scott for helping me so promptly.

Dr. Beverly P.

Scott, You ROCK!!
Jackie G, Photographer

Dear Scott,  Emily did a wonderful job.  In the future I want her to be the person that works on my computer.  You are very lucky to have someone like this working for you.  Best wishes to your group.
Jack C., Retired

Just wanted to tell you that I think Emily is an asset to your business, and I give her top top drawer recommendation – she’s sharp in just so many ways and I think she knows her stuff, etc. etc., etc. It was just a nice visit and I think she is an absolute asset to you, and I decided to let you know about that.

Nancy H, Retired

A big “Thank you” to Emily, and to Scott for starting this wonderful company!

Jeanne K,. Businesswoman

Thank you for sending Travis. He is always delightful and knowledgeable. Everything seems to be working at the moment. I am sure I will call again….with some kind of a problem which I am sure, again, that you will solve for me.

Rabbi Buzz B.

Hi Scott. Two things…the new computer is great!  It is so fast!  That is going to be great. Travis does such a good job! I just want you to know how much I appreciate him. Thanks so much.

Karen H, Online Teacher

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the help Travis provided me last week. He is extremely pleasant to work with, and I always learn a lot from him. In addition, he has a great attitude and is never condescending, which I appreciate. Thanks for the excellent service.

Kathleen B.

Once again, thank you so much for the excellent computer assistance.  We look forward to our next session with Travis.

Carolyn A,, Mac Fanatic

Thank you so much for always being there for us!

Eloyce & Mort, Retired

As always, I really appreciate your expertise.  You make me feel a little more confident with all this electronic stuff!

Cindy B., Appraiser

Dana’s a great guy! He did a fabulous job, and tell Scott he needs to give him a raise!

Bill M., Retired

“Emily is truly a Miracle Worker.”

Curt B., retired

Scott, Jason and Emily: Thank you so much for everything you did during our move to our new office.  It was excellent working with you and definitely my pleasure.

Lori W, Distinctive Properties Ltd.

“Thank you for assisting my staff. It was appreciated.”

Ann S, Starfish Swim School

“The boys are just thrilled with the new computer set-up.  Thanks for doing that!  And having you on Saturday was so perfect for me, so double-thanks.  You have a good man in Travis.  I enjoy working with him.”

Kerry S., Parenting Coach


Sonya A, Loyal Remote Customer in Chicago

Travis did a great job on my laptop!  Feels like I am using a brand new computer.  Thank you so much!

Grace B., Englewood

We love the computer class. Scott is great!

by Diane D., student

Thank you for your assistance. I loved the virtual approach (remote support) too…it was so easy!

Audrey S., Highlands Ranch

I just wanted to thank you for your kindness in talking with me or returning my calls whenever I called in a panic.   I recommend your company whenever I have the opportunity.

Sonya H .

I am enjoying my computer again, thanks to you!  I surely will when ever one of my friends needs help with their computer, recommend you greatly!  Thank you again.

Trudi K, Happy Heather Gardens Octogenarian

I was just having a little “love fest” about my computer guys to a girlfriend.  She was gushing about her guy, and how much she likes hers.  We laughed out loud when we realized we were both dishing about YOU!

Kerry S, Parenting Coach and Mac User

I was willing to give you my first born (he’s 51 years old, however), so imagine my shock to see a bill for $40.00.  I have already recommended your company to several friends and have thanked Melody for recommending your services.

Mary Jo D., Senior

Just a short note to let you know that Emily did one heck of a job on my Computer tune up!  I know that more than once, she had a nasty word about my computer, yet she kept her patience and composure and got the job done. It works much better than it did before she “Worked it over”!!!!    Appreciate, very much, the work done and Emily’s effort!

Don D., retired

Thanks for the amazing service!
Joe C., Worldbook Sales
I really appreciate your attention to customer service, giving helpful advice without nickel-and-diming us. I’ll be happy to recommend you to others.

Dr. Sid G, Physician

Dana was great, and I am thrilled to have resolved some annoyances with my computer.  Thanks so much!

–Cathy S, Boulder Cancer Survivor

This is to thank you and your colleagues for all of your help – excellent help – over the past year!

Tom M., Previous Curator of the Denver Art Museum

“One of our smartest professional decisions over the years was to create a relationship with OnSite Consulting.  You all have been a tremendous help to us over and over again.  Thank you very much.  We look forward to working with you and your staff in the future.”

Cindy and Jack B., Commercial Appraisall Company

Thank you for the outstanding work on my laptop! I truly appreciate your team’s knowledge and thoroughness.

— Laura S., Keller Williams

I’ll forever remember with what ease you made my computer a joy instead of “my torment”.

Mary Jo D., Senior

Just wanted to let you know the service your office provided, the end of year tune up, was great.  Hats off to Dana for doing a good job, very friendly, prompt and insight.  I’m glad I had it done.

Ron S.

The “remote” service was terrific, and (Emily) was a delight to watch in action and work with during the entire process. Thanks!

Chuck K., Attorney

Scott, I was very pleased with Travis’ help in switching over to my new  computer.  He is very fast and very efficient, but you already know that.  Thanks for your help.

Tom V., Denver

Thank you so much for all that you did to my computer.  It is working great!  I can’t tell you how much I’m grateful, confident and at ease with your services!  It was our lucky day to meet Scott here at Heather Gardens those many years ago!

Joann S., Denver

Dana was great!  Best $40 bucks I’ve spent in a while.

Lori W., Denver Realtor

Scott, wow, wow!!!  What a blessing you are to only charge me $100 for all that hard work and added value!   Thank you so much for this and please know you have my total loyalty!  I appreciate you and your team so much!

Victoria W, Marketing Executive

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have already recommended your firm to a couple of friends, but your quick action and very reasonable lack of charge for this quick fix guarantees that I’ll really stress that your service is great.

Susan D., Greenwood Village

(We) learned a lot at last Friday’s meeting (with Travis) and we really appreciate his help on the various and sundry issues we discussed. We hit him with dozens of questions and he had an answer for every one!

John and Mary B., Centennial

Hi Scott, I just wanted to take a minute to pass something along. When I purchased my laptop computer from you, I considered it an expense that was really more of a luxury item, a bit of an indulgence (the great price not withstanding). What I found out while job hunting was, my laptop is the most important piece of technology and equipment I own. It was invaluable in my job hunt and central in obtaining interviews and finally, a new position.  The portability of my laptop became an important feature as high-speed internet access was essential in applying and responding to employment traffic. I am now so grateful that I owned this “luxury” item when I needed it. I want you to know that I am very grateful to you for offering these laptops at such a reasonable price. I would not have purchased one when I did otherwise. It truly made all the difference. Thank you for providing such good service and care for your clients.

Deidra R., Aurora

Just a quick note to thank you for having such a professional and knowledgeable young man on your staff (Travis). He is prompt, courteous, and quickly identified my printer problem and corrected it without difficulty.  I do commend him for his attention and your company has always supplied required and prompt technical service when needed. Thank you so very much.

R. M. Wexler, MD

I absolutely will recommend you and do – every chance I get. You and Travis have been wonderfully helpful and responsive!

Joanne T., Small Business Administration Consultant

Thanks so much for putting up with the transition. Scott and Travis at On-site Consulting had patience and determination during the change with a very desirable outcome.

Debbie D., Denver

I received the invoice for all of the work which Emily did this afternoon. She was endlessly patient and cleaned up the innards of my computer which my noodling had upset.  Thank you for your wonderful company.

Ros W., Denver

Travis did an excellent job! I would recommend you to anyone. Thanks for the quick service.

M. Shaw, Lone Tree

I was amazed at Travis’ abilities with setting up our new Power Spec computer. The way he could multi-task and keep all the plates spinning was awesome. It was fun to watch and listen. Travis has us running like a fine-tuned Ferrari! Thanks

Wes J, Homeowner

Dear Sondra, thank Emily and also Scott for not charging me a fee for the service in finding my email addresses.  It is greatly appreciated as I know all of your employees are always willing to help me so much.  It is a relief to me that I know there is someone I can always call on with my computer problems.

Katie K., Denver


More Comments from our Classes:

Fantastic — quick – presentation! Very entertaining! Very knowledgeable!

Great presentation – learned so much. Loved the humor

Thank you for all the ideas & sites

Very interesting + informative as technology continues to change

I enjoyed this very much. I’m sorry I missed the internet class on security;

I hope you have it again.

Excellent presenter! Great accents! Funny guy!

Enjoyed learning about the features of maps, amazon app

Outstanding – far exceeded my expectations

Liked learning about various travel sites

Very well organized and executed.

Stellar communication skills —  no wonder he’s a successful business owner

Lots of important/helpful information

Scott was an excellent presenter – Knowledge & interesting –

His personality & humor comes through!

Scott very knowledgeable & very interesting

Great class – great teacher

Learned a lot in all 3 topics

Color handouts helped my understanding & take notes

Very interesting and entertaining

This was a terrific class – Onsite Consulting – I would sign up again!


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