We are constantly looking for ways to make life easier, as well as having your data more protected.
Your computer can be lost, stolen, corrupted, or damaged at any time.  Unless it’s backed up, you could lose all your documents, photos, and financial records.  So, you need a backup to keep your data in at least 2 places.
For years, we’ve suggested Carbonite, which is the market leader.   They bought Mozy (the free online backup we recommend back in the 2000’s), then Carbonite was bought by another big company.


iDrive is another great backup program which has several features which we like:
  1. It’s less expensive for both residential and business users
  2. It has a FREE option for people with very little data to back up (less than 10 GB)
  3. They will allow you to share accounts across computers.  So, a husband and wife can share the same account, and not pay for two accounts.
  4. 50% discount for students and teachers who have an email ending in .edu
  5. iDrive has an option to back up your Google Gmail, Calendar and Drive or your Microsoft 365 Outlook, Exchange, OneDrive, and Teams information for $20/month.
  6. iDrive has a remote access service to access 1 computer for $30/year or 10 office computers for $$99/year