Paul, our Managed Care Concierge Supervisor

Our 24/7/365 monitoring and maintenance service is called “Managed Care.” It will proactively help protect your computer using dozens of methods.

On Windows systems, Onsite will get a warning before your hard drive fails and let you know so you can get it repaired before you lose your data. Onsite will manage your really important Operating System updates, so your computer stays more secure and up to date.  On Windows computers we also install a Ransomware Prevention program which does it’s best to protect you from the devastating Cryptolocker virus, which you’ve heard about on the news.  Click here to learn more about the dangers of Ransomware and how we can protect you against it.

We were recently evaluated by the MBA Program at Denver Metro College, and two teams of MBAs evaluated our Managed Care Program and say that this is truly a unique program where we take care of virtually every computer issue you will have each year for a flat fee, including equipment, which even the more expensive Managed Service Providers do not offer for $75/month.

Budget:  $9/month per computer

  1. Hard Drive Early Crash Detection (Know BEFORE your drive fails rather than after) —Windows only

Basic: $19/month per computer

  1. Hard Drive Early Crash Detection (Know BEFORE your drive fails rather than after) —Windows only
  2. Ransomware & Cryptolocker Threat Reduction (As seen on the news: the worst new type of virus ever to hit the world)—Windows only
  3. Manages critical and security updates to the operating system and several major 3rd party programs too (like Abobe, Java, etc.)
  4. Automatically cleans off junk files and does routine remote maintenance monthly–Windows only
  5. Lots of other Onsite discounts and features like:
  6. 10% off All Labor in shop and on-site
  7. Free Hardware and Software Diagnostics (Normally at $40)
  8. Free Priority Escalation (Normally $40)–“go to the front of the line”
  9. $80 off New PC Setup, Data Transfer and Updates
  10. Full System Profile of your Hardware and Software for Insurance Purposes
  11. Enrollment in Hacked Account notification service

Managed Care Plus ($29/month) does ALL OF THE ABOVE and adds:

  1. Free Pickup and Delivery ($40 per round trip)
  2. 15 Minutes of Free Remote Help each Month (Valued at $270/year)
  3. Free Classes at the Academy of Lifelong Learners (Valued at about $100/year)
  4. Free Loaner Laptop whenever you need it (Valued at $100/week)
  5. Half off Virus Removal (1 per year, Valued at $60/year)


Take a few minutes to watch ALL 6 of these short videos to get a good explanation of the program.

Introduction from Scott

Managed Care Explained in 120-Seconds

Lengthy 3-minute Video that clients said they didn’t like


Hard Drives and the Importance of Backups


What a Ransomware Infections Looks Like and What It Does


Managing All Those Annoying Patches