Best Buy's Geek Squad Onsite Consulting
Yelp Rating 1.5 Stars out of 5 5 Stars out of 5
In Shop Listening Consultation with Customer $99 Free for less than 15 minutes
Installing 1 Software Program $29 online and $129 on-site $10 in shop and hourly on-site
Installing Memory $39 Free on most non-Apple Computers
Personal Shopper Service They want you to buy more products from Best Buy Unbiased: $100 by Scott up to 2 hours at Micro Center
One-on-One Training $149/hr $100/hour
Online Repairs $150/hour Normal Rates: $100-$140/hour, minimum 30 minutes
Basic Tune Up $129/hour Normal Rates: $100-$140/hour, minimum 30 minutes
Rebuild:  Backup, Install Windows & Updates, Install Programs, Replace Data, Return $229/Data Backup + $249/Windows+ $129/Updates + $149/program + $49/printer = $805+! $250
Wireless Router Setup $99 Minimum Normal Rates: $90-$130/hour, often 30 minutes
Data Recovery from Erased Files $200 $40-$100 usually 24 hrs.
Data Recovery from File Corruption $450 and 2 weeks $40-$200 and up to 5 days