business-clientsOur dedicated business division is the part of Onsite that offers businesses security, backups, maintenance plans, and tech support. We dedicate one of our employees to anticipate the needs of your company before they come up. Some businesses cannot afford to lose their computers even for a single day, but sometimes it is too expensive to keep an entire IT department. Onsite Consulting will act as your IT department, both remotely and onsite. We use our 35 years of industry experience to keep your technology up to date and working as fast and efficient as possible.


We offer monitoring services that keep an eye on your technology for out of date software, security issues, failing hard drives, virus problems, and suspicious activity. We can address problems sooner, and sometimes before they happen. We only monitor the health of the computers, not the data on them.

Tune Ups

We recommend tune-ups for our business customers on a quarterly basis. Virus scans, computer cleanup, and speed optimization keeps your office computers running smoothly and helps prevent future problems. We also offer tune-up services after hours, this allows you to not skip a beat in the working world, while keeping your tools sharp.


Part of keeping a business running smoothly is to have security. It is becoming ever more important to secure our businesses that are part of the internet world. Computers should be kept up to date, virus scans should be run, and problems should be addressed as soon as they can. Another aspect of security is the physical part, would your business be able to continue if there was a fire or major theft? Having a physical continuity plan for your business is something you hope to never use, but can often save a business in a catastrophe. Last, it is important to keep your employees up to date with security procedures like passwords, building access, and company policies. We help design a full plan that protects you against security threats.


For our business clients, we recommend replacing computers every 5 years. This helps with productivity by making sure you have the most recent software, and a fast enough computer to run it. We can recommend the best brand and model of laptop, desktop, or tablet for your company’s business needs. Every 5 years we order a new set of computers for the company, set them up with any special software and give them some extra security.