We give the same level of service and care to our home customers in the Denver area. We have been serving clients at their home since 1982. We offer everything from virus repair to helping you pick out a new computer and how to use it.

Computer Repair

Onsite does computer repair very well, we have been fixing computers since 1982. When your computer starts to act slow, or you have virus popups, it can be difficult to fix without training. We offer Virus Removal, PC Speed Up, Data Transfer, Data Recovery and other repairs to computer software and hardware. We service Mac and PC computers and any compatible devices.

Computer Upgrades

We offer help picking out a new computer, and we also offer upgrade plans where we help you do this on a regular basis before problems arise. There are many types of computers and price rarely describes how good the computer itself is. It is a good idea to get advice before purchasing a new computer and we can help.

Tech Training

Want to learn how to backup your PC? Want to learn how to use Microsoft Office or Quickbooks? We offer personalized training for our clients either remotely or in person. We can teach you the basics of computer use and how to use some of the popular programs.