We have detected your hard drive may be at risk of failing.

This page is intended for our clients that have hard drives that are starting to fail. Our managed care computer maintenance service has detected that at least one of the hard drives in your computer has been on for more than 27,000 hours. This is more than 3 full years of wear and tear on the drive. Once a hard drive reaches 3 years of power-on time, the failure rate increases drastically, as seen in the graph on the right. The first three years have less failures than the fourth year by itself. We recommend you take action on this immediately to ensure your data is safe.

Actions you can take to ensure your data is safe:

  1. Use a cloud backup like Carbonite. If a failure happens then your data is safe in the cloud.
  2. Replace the old hard drive with a new hard drive, or a much faster solid state drive and transfer your data to this.
  3. Buy a new computer. If you are past 5-6 years since you bought the computer it may be more economical to get a new computer.

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