screen-repairScreens can be damaged by simplying picking up your laptop incorrectly, by high or freezing temperatures, dogs, feet, darts, footballs . . .  We’ve seen a lot over the years. We charge only $40 for evaluation and installation of a replacement screen plus the cost of the screen and shipping and handling. If your laptop is over 4 years old, it usually isn’t worth replacing the screen. Since the average life of a laptop is 5 years, the hard drive or motherboard is likely to go soon anyway.  You can get a new laptop for about $400.

If you DO need the screen fixed, first, we have to have you call us to make an appointment with our lead technician Robert to confirm that you need a screen.  It could be a bad motherboard, battery, or hard drive and just appear to be the screen.  When you call, we will need the exact manufacturer (Dell, Toshiba, etc.) And the model number (dv600-a01, etc).  This way we can do some research on prices prior to your arrival.

Next, we have to determine exactly which replacement screen you need.  Even if we have the manufacturers info, they sometimes use different internal cables to connect the screen.  We might need to disassemble the screen to determine this. Then, we will look up the price online and let you know what the total will be and the expected time we would receive the screen. (There is NO COST FOR THIS EVALUATION AND ESTIMATE)

If you choose to order and install the replacement, and if your laptop still works, we will lend you an external monitor, so you can use your laptop. When the screen arrrives, we will set a time when we can install it while you wait.

Simple as that!  Call us to schedule an appointment today!  720-482-8383

Monday to Friday: 8am to 6pm, Saturdays: 10am to 4pm.