home_networkingHome Networking

Most homes have a modem (which gets the signal from your high speed provider) and a router (which splits the signal so it can be used on other computers and devices).

IN THEORY, that’s how it works. There are dozens of things which prevent this from working properly. From bad equipment (like Modem, Router, Wires, Signal from your provider or faulty computer) to incorrect settings or a corrupted computer.

We can help with EVERYTHING! After we’re done your network will be working and secure so you can connect your iPads, laptops, iPhones, TiVos, X-Boxes, Smart TVs. If your home need networking within the walls or your net flatscreen TV installed on the wall, then we have a reputable, insured company to help with that! We’ve successfully and economically handled all our residential customers’s home networking needs for decades!

Small Business Networking

business_networkingYour business is your lifeline! If it succeeds, you succeed. If the network goes down, you’re sunk. 40% of businesses who have their data lost through hardware failure or someone breaking into the system fail within 3 year! We need to keep you protected!

Similar to the home networking, we make sure your infrastructure is set up properly. Security, efficiency and speed are important to you and to us! The fire department suggests wires are properly tucked away and not a tripping hazard. Outlets need to not be overloaded. We can check for this as we work on your systems. Network storage and a server may or may not be right for your business. Remote access for your office computers from home is extremely simple and virtually free.

Large Scale Networking

apartment_bldgWe’ve helped network apartment complexes, restaurants, Subways, churches, and even a shopping mall with fast and secure wi-fi. Your one signal from your provider (we suggest Comcast) can easily be shared with hundreds of people without having to pay any extra monthly price.