1345_sWe were one of the first companies in Denver who offer easy remote connection to your computer via your Internet connection!

Think of this:  You ask us to fix your PC, we are there in less than 1 minute!

This is a great way to get those small things fixed without having to come to your computer.  We charge in 15 minute increments, so this is as low as $22.50. Call us first to see if this will work for your situation.  In the event we find that your issues are too extensive to be done remotely, then you may not be charged for the Remote Quick Fix

Step 1.  Call us at 720-482-8383.

Step 2.  Let us determine if we can repair your PC remotely.  If so, you will make an appointment.

Step 3.  If you are a first time customer, we must take your credit card number before the diagnosis begins.  Otherwise, you can pay us afterwards via check or credit card.

378_sStep 4.  Click on the last button on the left side of this window that says “START REMOTE SESSION” that allows us “one time access” to your computer.  Push RUN when the download starts.  This puts an obnoxious Orange Icon on your screen with a white “B” in it.

Step 5.  When the appointment time starts, just double click the icon.

Step 6.  Sit back.  Relax.  and Watch us fix your computer for you!  We’ll explain what we are doing as we go!

Step 7.  When we finish, we will either print out a receipt on your printer or email you a receipt with what we did!  We always appreciate prompt payment!

Step 8.  The Remote Access Program which allows us control is 100% COMPLETELY removed from your computer.  There is no way anyone can get into your computer with this program again including us.