We were voted the #1 TOP Computer Repair company in Colorado in 2023 for a few great reasons!


  • We only have a handful of large competitors in Denver.   Their average time is 4 weeks to START on your computer.  Our goal is 2 business days and we meet that goal 95% of the time!  (Note: some repairs need specific parts that we have to mail order, causing delays in a few cases. Our business days are weekdays only, as we are closed over the weekend!  😊 )


  • Our motto is “Non-Geeky Guys Who Know How to Communicate!”  Our staff is trained to listen and make sure that we understand your problem and ensure you get your computer working the way you expect.


  • Our OLD-to-NEW computer Total Transfer process is unparalleled!   Computer service companies usually move your DATA ONLY (files, photos, music, downloads) to your new computer.  With our Total Transfer process, we transfer not just DATA, but settings, printers, wi-fi passwords, shortcuts, ALL programs, bookmarks, Microsoft Office, registration keys, and more. When you take your new computer home and start it up, it seems like it’s the same old computer! This seamless process makes getting a new computer a joy rather than hours of setup and trying to navigate unfamiliar systems.