Unfortunately, every week, we have customers lose all — 100% — of their data.  This means all their family photos, documents, financial data, customer lists, presentations, address books, spreadsheets — EVERYTHING!  Sometimes we can get it back easily, and sometimes we have to go to a more expensive DATA RECOVERY option.

We recommend an online backup called Carbonite which will back up your files and documents, but what about all your programs and settings?  They don’t back up your other items though:  Programs, settings, passwords, bookmarks, account information, and everything else that your computer needs to operate.


We help recover ALL your files and programs in about 24-hours, either in our shop, remotely, or across the country!


FullBack Pro is a $199 product, but we bought a bulk bundle for $100 each.   You have to buy, at a minimum, 1 Terabyte (TB) external hard drive for $60 from us or any place which sells computer parts.   We will install this program for you in our shop for $45.

After getting an external drive, call the office to make a 20-minute remote to install, or bring it and your computer into the office.

You can restore any file yourself that you may have deleted.  No need to call us for help.


If you have a disaster happen to the old computer or you get a new computer and want to transfer, you can bring both computers and the drive into the shop and we will restore for you for a discounted price of $150 using either your old computer or your emergency backup drive.